Privacy Policy

For Paid App

Your privacy is important to us, so we do not collect, store or share any of your data.

Our Product

Our App does not store or transmit any personal data.

We don't receive any data from the app, neither does anybody else.

If you have opted in to Apple's App Store analytics or crash reporting, then thank you! We don't receive any personally identifying information at all from either of these services so your privacy is safe. What we do receive is aggregated statistics on how many people are using the app, and information about what part of our code went wrong in the rare event that the app crashes. This helps us to fix it and make it even better!

 Mobile Ads SDK may collect certain information from apps, including:

  • IP address, which may be used to estimate the general location of a device.
  • Non-user related crash logs, which may be used to diagnose problems and improve the SDK. Diagnostic information may also be used for advertising and analytics purposes.
  • User-associated performance data such as app launch time, hang rate, or energy usage, which may be used to evaluate user behavior, understand the effectiveness of existing product features, and plan new features. Performance data may also be used for displaying ads, including sharing with other entities that display ads.
  • A Device ID such as the device's advertising identifier or other app-bounded device identifiers, which may be used for the purpose of third-party advertising and analytics.
  • Advertising data, such as advertisements the user has seen, may be used to power analytics and advertising features.
  • Other user product interactions like app launch taps, and interaction information, like video views, may be used to improve advertising performance.

App permissions

App does require permission to access certain features in order to work. Here's how they are used:

Camera: Access to the camera is obviously required in order to take photos and videos. It's not used for anything else.

Photos: Access to the photo library on your device is required in order to save your photos and videos, and to display them in the built-in viewer. If you choose to share a photo or video using the share button, that photo or video will be shared with the person or service you select (for example via AirDrop, email or iMessage). We have no access at all to your photo library, and it's not used for anything else.

Microphone (optional): This is only used to record audio when you take a video. If you don't allow microphone access you can still record video but it will be silent.

Location (optional): If you allow location access, your photos and videos will be tagged with the location where you took them. This allows you to view photos on a map or search by location in the Photos app.

Location data can only be accessed while the app is running, and is never stored or shared with us or any third party.

Please note that if you share photos or videos with embedded location, the location where the photo was taken may be visible to whoever you share them with

Advertisement in Apps

We use Google AdMob,Mopub and Facebook Audience Network  as well as Admob Mediation for advertisements in our applications. There

could be errors in the programming and sometime programming
errors may cause unwanted side effects.

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